Thirst for action?

With more than 30 years of expertise in adapted sport, the CIVA has a high level physical training program aimed at developing the potentials of athletes.

Wheelchair basketball, powerchair soccer, adapted bowling, adapted yoga, boccia, wheelchair rugby, wheelchair lacrosse and more!

Enjoy more than 25 hours of activities per week to be active!

Personnes jouant au basketball en fauteuil roulant

wheelchair basketball

In wheelchair basketball, athletes with motor limitations play as a team with others who do not have a disability. The team are formed according to the athletes’ classification which is based in particular on their balance and motor skills. Players are stimulated to develop their physical skills and team spirit. This sport allows you to learn and master game techniques to compete against other teams on the provincial, national and internation scene.

Une personne joue au powerchair

powerchair soccer

Powerchair soccer is a team sport whose rules of play are inspired by soccer.

Imagine playing in a motorized wheelchair, avoiding feints and hooks like soccer, reaching a speed of 10km and, with his teamates, succeed in counting goal!

Personnes en fauteuil roulant jouant au quilles

Adapted bowling

The CIVA bowling club is very active, with forty players who gather every week. This is a great social activity where participants encourage, help and challenge each other. Adapted launching rmps are available for more disabled players to drive their balls down the aisle. Come and meet people and have fun !

Personnes faisant du yoga

Adapted yoga

Increase your physical and psychological well-being by participating in an activity that prootes concentration and relaxation. You will benefit from it in your daily life.

Therapeutic yoga session also proote better coordination of movements. The technique are adapted according to the physical capacities of each one. Even in a wheelchair or sitting on a chair, it’s possible to practice the exercises!

Personne jouant au boccia


Boccia is a Paralympic discipline whoe game techniques are especially adapted to athletes who have major motor limitations such as cerebral palsy. This sport, which is similar to petanque, requires a lot of concentration and helps develop strategy techniques to thwart the opponent. Players who are more severely physically limited can use a ramp to steer and slide their balls on the court.

Personnes jouant au rugby en fauteuil roulant

wheelchair rugby

Originally known as murderball given the intense nature of the game, wheelchair rugby is a sport that is played on a basketball court and the goal is to completely cross the goal line to make a point. Without limitation, this activity was specifically design for quadriplegic people. This action sport combines passes, ball transport and wheelchair that clash continuously. It’s actualy a marriage between basketball, handball and ice hockey.

Personnes jouant à la crosse en fauteuil roulant

Wheelchair lacrosse

A new sport is developing in Quebec. In 2013, the CIVA formed the first wheelchair lacrosse team in Quebec. Do you want to try? Sports chairs, lacrosse and gloves available. All you have to do is get a helmet with a visor grille and you’re done!

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